What It Feels Like To Have Death Tap You On The Shoulder

from by Plague of Smiles

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I am warning you right now, this song was written to knock you on your ass. When I was just a little child an accident happened in which I was found blue and unresponsive with the cord from the window blinds wrapped tightly around my throat. I think I was touched by death on that day. It got into my dreams. Much later, in my mid thirties, I got an MRI back showing a brain tumor. The surgery to remove it was very dangerous. One nick of the wrong blood vessel and I'd wake with a stroke. Cut the optic nerve and I wake up blind. Two nicks and I would never wake up off the operating table. I frequently feel much distance when I see other musicians and artists, with a fraction of talent, achieving so much more on the basis of tits, ass, who they've blown, who they know, who they've paid off, and getting rich off mediocrity, which I despise. They haven't paid "their dues!"

This song was written for warriors and people who have lost loved ones or feel the emptiness in life when friends stop being friends and everyone turns away.

So imagine... you're in the club. The song is kicking. You definitely feel you're going to get laid. And then death reaches out and taps you on the shoulder. Could be a heart attack. Could be another radical Muslim in yet another gun free zone. Perhaps a lighting truss fell on your head??? The point is, there is something stalking you, outside of your control, that reaches out, taps you on the shoulder, and THIS is what that feels like. Pay close attention. Enjoy. Your life is here and now, and then one day, it is gone... forever.


from Paranormal Strangeness, releases October 1, 2017
by Ken D. Webber



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Plague of Smiles Marlin, Texas

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