The Touch Of Indrid Cold

from by Plague of Smiles

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Having experienced the paranormal myself I found myself drawn to the real life events surrounding The Mothman Prophecies that occured in 1966-67. The strangeness of the events increased until it reached a high point with the collapse of a bridge on the Ohio river that killed 46 people. UFO sightings, sightings of a strange creature with red glowing eyes called the Mothman, men in black encounters, time shifts, mind control, strange audio recordings, and much more happened and became the basis for a book by John Keel that was later turned into a movie starring Richard Gere. If you haven't seen The Mothman Prophecies give it a watch, with an open mind.

There is a point made in the movie that most people cannot be touched by the paranormal. To perceive the paranormal usually requires some sort of trauma or damage. (In my case, I had a rare brain tumor that was growing in my brain) That is sad. It's sad because for those of us who can see or hear that which is out there we know it's real. Those that cannot see it tend to rudely dismiss the paranormal, thinking they know it all. It's all well and good until someone like Indrid Cold reaches out and taps you on the shoulder. If you know who Indrid Cold is then the song is a no-brainer. You'll understand all those little audio bits and why they're in the music. If not, I suggest you hit a search engine and discover an entirely NEW world of possibilities and paranormal strangeness of the highest caliber.

As for the song, I created the bulk of it in MIDI, note by note, mainly drawing them in by hand. It is NOT a piece of music like in a song. This is more like a modern day symphony of sound layered over trance beats. For those paying attention, you will hear a woman's voice speaking from time to time saying such things as "sleep" and "This is number 13, the music test, psychic processes" among other things - but nothing... dangerous. Trust me.

I am not the type of musician that comes up with riffs or guitar magic. I am much more like Trent Reznor in my approach to songwriting. I prefer to play around. I'll stretch notes, reverse them, chop up sections and reorder them note by note, warp passages, and play endlessly with effects until I have a nice little modern day orchestra sound I like. My suggestion is to download the song and listen to it in headphones. That's where the real magic lies, in the attention to detail and the play of inner mind space that pans around the interior of your head.


from Paranormal Strangeness, releases October 1, 2017
by Ken D. Webber



all rights reserved


Plague of Smiles Marlin, Texas

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