The Serpent with Long Memory

from by Plague of Smiles

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This song began life with another title. It was originally going to be called “Stabbing through the Lies” because of one sample used throughout the background of the song.

Samples. Let’s pause and give thanks to artist Sandunes, because without her work this music would never exist. Red Bull and Ableton Live set her loose deep in the heart of India armed with a Zoom field recorder to document the unique sounds of India. And she kicked fucking ass! Recorded all the sounds in 24 bit, isolated them, and even worked up a few loops. All of which were perfect for dropping onto an empty drum pad and creating beats.

I listened to all the sounds and found a cave singing sample that I wanted to play around with. So I took this female voice and slowed it down two octaves, reversed it, looped it and it sounded like pure MURDER! I played it for a friend of mine and he immediately told me to stop playing it because it was the sound of demons. That’s when I knew I was on the right path! After a bit of tinkering, the song mutated and the title was no longer accurate. The malice and murder were still there, but now tempered - with hope.

“The Serpent with Long Memory,” what is it? It is a quote from a book by Robert Greene, his book being “The 48 Laws of Power.” In said book it is revealed that the person that you should strive to ALWAYS avoid angering is The Serpent with Long Memory. A serpent is the representation of WISDOM. A wise man who never forgets a wrong is someone who keeps past deeds in mind and will right those wrongs in time, even if it takes decades to achieve their murderous revenge. I myself, I am The Serpent with Long Memory. None have escaped my wraith and none shall. Listen carefully to the song and you will hear what sounds like repeated stabbings or… the sounds of shovels digging graves. Towards the end I bring it all together with some hip hop swing and the voice of complete psychosis bubbles forth for his long-sought revenge. Enjoy!


from Paranormal Strangeness, releases October 1, 2017
All music created by Ken D. Webber. Samples courtesy of artist Sandunes, sponsored by Red Bull and Ableton Live



all rights reserved


Plague of Smiles Marlin, Texas

Plague of Smiles LLC is an Art/Music company located in Marlin, TX. No one knows about us because we do not tour. So when you follow us here and on Twitter and talk about us we appreciate the love. THANK YOU!

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