The Ghosts of Fukushima: Whispers of Madness and Malice

from by Plague of Smiles

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THANK YOU ACE FREHLEY!!! I got to watch an interview he did on Noisey this week where he talked about doing a "Dinosaur Bend" and I thought it was so cool I incorporated it into the song. This song was built around Oriental instruments in Ableton Live. As usual, I play all the instruments. Everything you hear is me, drums, keyboards, guitars, bass, and noise candy. It is my hope that maybe just for today, this song will prod you to remember the nuclear event that happened at Fukushima. Because of the stupidity of our leaders this may be a life level extinction event for Earth. Far from what you've heard, the event is not over and nuclear energy is NOT SAFE!!! It continues day after day after day spewing toxic nuclear DNA-destroying waste into the environment and because they've let it get into the ground water it cannot be stopped. It will continue to destroy life for hundreds of millions of years. And the ghosts will never be satisfied until all are as they are, full of death, malice, madness, and mutation.

Near the end you will probably hear ghostly voices whispering, especially in headphones. Those are not human voices. I've noticed that the combination of a few effects in Ableton Live will create a sort of pseudo voice. It's basically grain delay, a filter, and one other effect. So don't throw me under the bus for some sort of evil "subliminal" attack. I guarantee you, if I could make you cluck like a chicken with hidden hypnotic subliminal triggers I would but these "ghosts" lack that power. This is an AUDITORY Pareidolia effect.

Every time you share this song you are saying to another person that life is short and one day we all must die. So live life to the fullest and make the best of what's been given to us.


from Paranormal Strangeness, releases October 1, 2017
by Ken D. Webber



all rights reserved


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