The Baltic Sea Anomaly

from by Plague of Smiles

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Everything you hear is not really a real "thing." Although most of the bass track is there, the guitar is chop, chop city. The way I record a solo part on guitar is I just play the song and lay the track. Then I edit out everything that doesn't fit. I will then punch in/out to complete the track. I also chop and rearrange notes, stretch and warp notes, reverse notes, move the pitch of notes, WHATEVER I think it takes to fit the song. Most guitarists would shrink away in absolute horror but because I do not ever plan to perform live or go on tour then I have no more concerns for purist means. There are already GENIUSES on guitar out there... Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Nick Johnston, John Mayer, Ace Frehley, John 5, Eddie Van Halen. Yngwie! They do their thing, and they are brilliant at it. I am not brilliant on guitar. I have acromegaly (creates ginormous hands) and the gamma radiation has made two of my fret fingers go numb. So my take is that when the road is clogged with competition, GO AROUND THEM! I am the "Milli Vanilli" of Instrumental Electronica and I like that!

I was assisted in the song's title by my sister Mary. I didn't tell her my working title (Funk Brothers). I just let her hear the song and she said it reminded her of deep sea exploration, going into underwater caves, and opening sunken tombs for plunder. I asked her about the Baltic Sea Anomaly and we had to do a quick Google/Youtube so she could know what that is.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly was discovered a few years ago and no one knows what it is. It is a complete circular disc the width of a football field on the bottom of the Baltic Ocean, approximately 14,000 years old, and it apparently hit another circular object nearby and they left mile long skidmarks before coming to a rest. Radar seems to show the object has right angles in it's design, and some say interior compartments. They don't know if it's a submerged UFO, an ancient Stonehenge-like place, or a volcanic glacial oddity. When investigating the anomaly they had to quit because all their electronic equipment ceased to work when they got over the object. People are already lining up in camps of debunkers and hard-core paranormalists. We won't know anything for certain until Ocean-X goes back to the site for more dives. Until then, enjoy the song and dream of UFO discs crashing into the ocean.


from Paranormal Strangeness, releases October 1, 2017
by Ken D. Webber



all rights reserved


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