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Sandunes placed the football. I kicked the field goal out of the stadium! This song exists because an artist named Sandunes was sent to document and record the sounds of India. (Thank you Sandunes!!!) Those sounds were placed up on Ableton Live’s website for free and I downloaded the free soundpack and began playing around with them. The first piece of music I wrote was entitled The Serpent with Long Memory and dealt with feelings of murderous revenge. From that, I turned 180 degrees around, and still using the same soundpack, created some hip hop rock jazzy electronica.

I don’t know music theory. I haven’t got a clue what notes I’m playing. All I know is that her sounds produced a song that was mostly all black keys on the keyboard. There were a couple of white keys here and there but I cut those out and decided to go all black. I should also say that I am not a piano player. I just jam that shit and hit some keys and throw out the garbage that doesn’t fit. The rest I tighten up by writing in MIDI note by note until each section sounds good when you play it over and over in a loop.

This marks the very FIRST time that I have used a pick scrape in a song or piece of music. It seems so simple but I've never been able to do it decently. It is entirely because of the new picks I've been playing with. They're thin, but solid, stainless steel guitar picks and they just dig in and resonate like crazy when doing a pick scrape on the low strings. It's almost like playing slide with these things. I love em! Listen closely and you'll hear a sort of male "Ha, Ha, Ha" laugh. That is NOT a laugh or a sample. That is an isolated pick scrape. Now the female laughter is different. That IS real laughter, one of the samples included in Sandunes pack that I molded to fit the song.

Fitting in with the theme of going opposite from my last piece of music I decided to try and keep this thing playful and bouncy, sort of like a Charles M. Shultz “Peanuts” type of song and that evoked images of snow, making snow angels, and snow fights. Lots of fun! So from the heat and sand of India comes a wintery wonderland snowball sound that rolls around and around in your head. Enjoy the yin/yang dualities and extremes!


from Paranormal Strangeness, releases October 1, 2017
Ableton Live pack by artist Sandunes. All music and art produced, programmed, played, created, and mixed by Ken D. Webber



all rights reserved


Plague of Smiles Marlin, Texas

Plague of Smiles LLC is an Art/Music company located in Marlin, TX. No one knows about us because we do not tour. So when you follow us here and on Twitter and talk about us we appreciate the love. THANK YOU!

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