Human Pincushion: Your Money Don't Bleed!

from by Plague of Smiles

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Ever heard of the word “PAREIDOLIA?” It is a human trick of the senses in which people seem to see, hear, or feel hallucinations and patterns that aren’t really there. Some people see Jesus or the Virgin Mary, in say, their pancakes. Some people see things in clouds such as faces, people, or animals. Some people hear words whispered in songs where none are present. I frequently hear these pareidolias in my studio while recording music. This particular song has, to me, three very distinct pareidolias in them. There is one 39 seconds in where I hear the phrase “Desert Sadness.” Sprinkled through the middle of the song there is a chorus phrase that sounds like background singers singing, “A Doot Doot!” Then at the end of the song, where it repeats, I hear voices saying, “Figure it out. Your money don’t bleed. You know the Devil sleeps with a nailgun, gun, gun!” But no voices or samples did I use in this recording. Just instruments and effects that created cool sounds.

The song is called Human Pincushion: Your Money Don’t Bleed. The original working title was Epincushion because the song is in the key of E, using the melodic minor scale (which I am having lots of fun/sadness with).

Have you ever met someone who you know damn well is working themselves to death to get that $$$? I myself am sometimes guilty of this. I get overwhelmed with my medical problems and the feeling that I HAVE NO CHOICE, I have to push myself to break through the wall or die. And now, when I go to sleep to repair, I rarely wake up feeling better. I feel like I’ve been fighting with devils all night and it makes me sad. I got so bad, pushing myself chasing money and all, that I just recently had a heart attack. Now I see doctors a lot and it’s a lot of bloodwork and shots. So there you go, the song’s a no-brainer lesson in psychology. You’re welcome!

Listen to the song and think about how it makes you feel, that relentless push and drive to succeed and in the end… we all die. “Figure it out. Your money don’t bleed. You know the Devil sleeps with a nailgun, gun, gun!”

Your money don’t bleed, but YOU do.

E melodic minor.


Pareidolias contributed by SPIRIT: "Desert Sadness" "A Doot Doot" "Figure it out. Your money don't bleed. You know the Devil sleeps with a nailgun, gun, gun!"


from The Bleeding Cut, releases October 30, 2017
All music created, recorded, and mixed by Ken D. Webber



all rights reserved


Plague of Smiles Marlin, Texas

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